Tuesday, January 23, 2007

DAY 22 or FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i got up this morning to the smell of burning

my building was on fire

i grabbed my teddy and ran out side

no one was hurt just some smoke damage

some homeless person was living in a storage room under my building and started a fire

so Dee and Daisy have tagged me to tell 6 weird things about my self

1 i still have my teddy from when i was 2 and apparently it is the only thing i will grab in a fire

2 i have a very large collection of toys mostly super her action figures in fact i have more in my closet in boxes that i have room to display

3 when i am out of work like now i be come completely nocturnal i stay up till 4 or later and sleep past noon

4 i love rely bad drive in movies but i hate Hollywood blockbusters

5 i can watch the history channel and the since channel all day if it is about ancient Rome Greece or Egypt i have probably seen it at leas twice

6 i like to were a suite and tie for no reason at all some times i will just put on a tie when i am at home all day to me my close are like a costume my favert holiday is Halloween

ok that is 6 now i tag Noah, Warren and Jennie you tell us 6 thing that make you weird

i think i can think of at leas 6 12 or more for Noah


Dee C.K. said...

weirdo. heheheee......;p

Jess said...

When Mike and I had a fire at our apartment last year, I remember thinking I HAD to feed the fish before we left the building. I think you beat me with the teddy bear, but it's weird what our minds come up with in times of emergency.


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