Wednesday, August 20, 2008

YEAR 2 DAY 230


been watching a little too much Mad Men

just finished up the first season

that show has such great style but such hollow people

it is also my IF drawing for DETACH


Vhrsti said...

One leg is missing in this picture if my arithmetic is right ;-)
Cool cartoon anyway ;-)

Rob Prideaux said...

Sounds like advertising to me

damon said...

the other leg has already been eaten

Harley Quinn said...

Haha, thats funny! Nice work!

sandymichelle said...

gruesomely funny, i dig!

Juan said...

hehehe... Excellent!

Og Roberts said...

haha nice. I love the mad men amalgamations with hellboy and zombies.

I really enjoy your style and the way you construct your characters.


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