Thursday, October 09, 2008

El rey en el trono

The is a piece i have been working on for a Day of the dead themed art show at the Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock, CA.

it is of Elvis the king on the throne or "El rey en el trono"

inspired by the day of the dead art and the candy sugar skulls

i am quite happy with how it turned out though it was a struggle to get it to this point

i have not sculpted in a long time and it was nice to get back in to it

please try and make it to the opening

i will be attending the artist reception on October 25

Cactu​s Galle​ry,​ Eagle​ Rock,​ CA
4534 Eagle​ Rock Blvd,​ Eagle​ Rock,​ CA 90041​

Show dates​ :: Octob​er 11 - Novem​ber 6, 2008


NELAa​rt.​ org Secon​d Satur​day Galle​ry Night​ ::
Satur​day,​ Octob​er 11, 2008 :: 7pm-​10pm :: DJ Soul Junki​e

Artis​t Recep​tion :: Satur​day,​ Octob​er 25, 2008 :: 7pm-​10pm :: DJ Soul Junki​e

http:​/​/​www.​ eclec​ticca​ctus.​ com
http:​/​/​www.​ myspa​ce.​ com/​cactu​sgall​ery
http:​/​/​www.​ etsy.​ com/​shop.​ php?​user_​id=​79481​


Ashley said...

it turned out great!
i can't wait to see this at the show!

Rob Prideaux said...

I love that thing.

sketched out said...

Oh! My! Gawd! I just love El Rey en el Trono!! Also really like the rest of your art, it's really fab! Thanks for stopping by, so I could find your blog. Very cool.

Kay Aker said...

This is rich! Love it!

Emily said...

hehe.. dig the king!

cool piece!

Pickledog said...

Love the detail in the fried B-nan sandwich, and his rhinestone jumpsuit is bedazzling!

Michael said...

Nice work, this turned out really cool. What did you end up sculpting out of?

When do we start seeing your line of vinyl toys at Munkey King?

damon said...

it is sculpted out of sculpey

thanks you for all the the nice comments

Harley Quinn said...

It turned out awesome!

Eric said...

I love it! I saw it at the show below the pieces that I have on display there and I couldn't leave without dropping some cash on it to make sure that no one else would take it. Don't worry, I'll have it all paid up soon.

Albert said...

Fucking cool! Did it sell?


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