Tuesday, September 29, 2009

She was robbed!!!!!

not every night can be an exciting adventure. Some nights we just stay home and watch Italian TV.

A while ago, we became addicted to the miss Italia contest. it was 3 nights long, had well over 100 girls, and was a cross between a beauty contest, America's Next Top Model and a cheesy Mexican variety show

as far as we could understand ( because it was all in Italian), there were over 20 different categories; each with it's own winner (i.e. Miss Cinema, Miss Fashion, Miss Sportif, Miss Vamp, and Sponsorship titles, like Miss Puegot)

One the first night, at the end of the evening, the "main" winner of the evening was Miss Fashion, who was mistakenly given to the wrong girl, and had it TAKEN AWAY and given to the correct girl, on live TV. Scandal!

At the end of the 3rd night (with each night ending well after 1am), after all the girls had been voted on numerous times (by both a panel of judges and call-in votes), they were finally cut down to the last two. The "wronged" Miss Fashion from the first night (the one who lost) seemed to score the highest and be in the lead, but at last second, they gave the title to this other girl. Maybe she scored higher with the call-in votes?

I doubt i would have watched this show, even if i could understand what the hell they were saying...

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