Wednesday, December 16, 2009

cantucci and vin santo

cantucci are biscotti-like cookies that you dip in vin santo which is a type of sweet dessert wine

what could be more amazing the cookies and booze


matt dawson said...

Don't just stick to dessert wine... cantucci are great dunked in hot chocolate too! I'm loving your sketch record of the travels (congratulation by the way)... I've been to Florence and Barcelona too... Don't be so hard on yourself, your Sagrada Familia captures it! Did you do any other Gaudi (the guy was a genius!). Happy Holidays sir (in both senses of the words :)

damon said...

thank you so much

i have about a month left of drawing to catch up with we did not have internet in Italy

check out my wife's blog she did some wonderful drawings too

Botanick said...

beautifully characters, powerful

Dominic Philibert said...



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