Wednesday, August 04, 2010

OK I'M BACK!!!!!!

I got back from my cross country trip a few days weeks months (?) ago and have not had time to update my blog yet so i'm just going to try and up date in a few large posts

first up is

Zombie Hangover Breakfast
The night before we left we had a few drinks and then got up at 7am then we got to the airport 3 hours early and I was hungover

Kinda Sucked.

Mom and the Big Ass Truck

The only car they had at the rental place for my mom was a Huge black Ram truck

Air and Space Museum

possible Halloween costume?

Blue Crab Attack!

Daisy's dad took us to a Crab shack and we each had 4 "bashing" crabs

Lots of fun

Down the shore

Daisy took Me and our Moms to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware

Rehoboth  Beach Model

While at the beach, we saw this odd girl with bad make up and huge hair doing a photo shoot


at this point i had no idea if we were even going to drive across the country

 the van was having a lot of problems

that was my adventures on the east cost before we started heading west

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