Thursday, August 05, 2010

South Dakota

The Badlands

As we drove into the Badlands, you could see the storm brewing on the horizon. The radio was playing "Highway to Hell," and we knew this would be an interesting night. 

The camper part of the roof is like a sail and as the wind gusted through the Badlands, the camper rocked back and forth as if we were on a ship at sea. At one point, we made a mad dash into the rain at 2am to save the bin full of Daisy's My Little Pony collection.

Crazy Horse
Because of the cracked windshield, we needed to spend an extra day in Rapid City. 

However, this gave us time to see Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse, which are both impressive.

Crazy Horse is particularly impressive, because they are carving an entire mountain and it is still a work in progress.


Anonymous said...

Love how you documented your trip in pictures. Really brings it alive and gives it a voice & point of view.

damon said...

tanks the best story is coming next stay tuned

martín said...

amazing dude

damon said...


Dam Ferreira said...

Very good your jobs!!
I like your designs and sketches


damon said...

thank you


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